An American Demon, a memoir by Jack Grisham

August 3, 2011

There are plenty of books on the market written by rock stars who’s tales of excess, rise and fall and return to sobriety often reflect that of a made for television behind the music episode. Generally if you’ve read one of them you’ve read em all due to the all to similar destructive vices involving alcohol, strippers, cocaine and many times heroin.

An American Demon differs from such books as it is a whole other monster in itself detailing the unusual upbringing and many near death experiences of T.S.O.L.’s front man Jack Grisham. Jack’s role on this planet is not that of a millionaire rock star, but that of a demon in a humans body who is hell bent on torturing loved ones, women and generally all who cross paths all the while feeling little to no remorse and often not dealing with consequences most people would suffer. Cat’s are believed to have 9 lives, let’s just say Jack could manage to outlive every cat on this fucking planet.

Jack opens up and discusses the most private of tales that will have you asking yourself; “How in the fuck did he not end up serving hard time or worse yet DEAD?!” Within its pages are stories that will horrify even the hardest of “bad ass’s” who’s actions would pale in comparison to the incidents that have occurred through out most of Jacks unconventionally lived life. Most people would hope to keep their skeletons locked in a closet doused with gasoline and lit ablaze so they could never resurface again. Here, An American Demon exposes every skeleton in a mansion sized closet and puts it on display for all to be horrified by and hopefully touched by in some way.

There are times where you may need to put the book down as it’s too much to take in, it has the power and then some. Punk rock purists who are hoping for a tell all that revolves solely around the early scene may be slightly disappointed as this book has much more to do with Jack’s than it does with punk rock or music in general. Within these pages are countless stories of abuse, deception, betrayal, sexual deviance, love, hate, and debauchery at levels that are almost impossible to imagine a human surviving.

If you’re hoping for the typical rock bio read than I suggest you don’t go near this, though if you’re looking for an honest in depth personal tale that showcases the lows of humanity and eventually the powerful overcoming of destruction and selfishness, than I suggest An American Demon as it’s a book that stands tall on its own unlike any other.

-Louie Bones-

Big Wheel Staff Reporter



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