Filmage: “The Story of Descendents/All” Screening – at Art Theatre of Long Beach – Long Beach, CA

August 25, 2013

Sunday August 25th 2013 was a day for Descendents/All fans to attend a screening of “Filmage: The Story of Descendents/All” (Filmage). A documentary about the trails, tribulations and successes of both bands, Filmage provides the viewer an insightful and at times comical look into the history of Descendents and All.


Filmage took about 3 years to complete, 2 of those years focused primarily on filming and gathering footage for the finished product that was screened to a group of lucky fans at the Art Theatre of Long Beach. The film featured a slew of interviews of music legends like: Greg Graffin, Keith Morris, Fat Mike, Joey Cape and Dave Ghrol; all of these artists gave their unique insight about key moments in the careers of different Descendents/All members as well as how each band member influenced their own lives.

Without giving away too much about the interviews featured in the film: Dave Ghrol had this to say about how Milo Aukerman (Vocalist: Descendents) influenced his musical career when he was a kid “Milo was like our spokesperson. He was a nerd like the rest of us. We weren’t getting laid; we listened to Hardcore.” Illustrating Milo as being a sort of “Anti-Front man” for those who would did not relate to those typically found in the 1980s.

Filmage also featured some well-done cartoons that brought to life moments in the lives of Bill Stevenson (Drummer/ Composer: Descendents/All) and other band members when stories that they had literally just needed to be animated.

On par with all great documentaries about musicians and bands “Filmage: The Story of Descendents/All” will soon be released to the general public once all finale licensing is complete. However once the film is released do yourself a huge service and watch this heartfelt/hilarious film.

This is a MUST SEE film for any Descendents fan... this is why you love them!

Info on the film can be found  HERE


-Ryan R.-
Big Wheel Staff Reporter




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